Louis Vuitton Sues Warner Bros. For Using A Fake LV Bag In Hangover II

17 Mar

Louis Vuitton are suing WB for using knockoff LV luggage on the Hangover II movie.

Louis Vuitton bag at Hangover II

When Alan was instructing Stu not to mess with his luggage, warning:
“Careful, that is … that is a Louis Vuitton.”
BTW, in the movie, the S in Louis is not silent. Funny. ;p

3 month earlier, Louis Vuitton has sued Warner Bros. for using a fake LV luggage after they failed to get their permission to use their trademark. But it seems like WB are very confident and knows what they are doing! They are asking a judge to throw the lawsuit out because the bag was “artistically relevant” to the film. WB adds the counterfeit bag “sets the stage for the relationship” between Teddy and Alan, “who shows more concern for his designer luggage than for Teddy’s comfort”.

Source : Coco Perez

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