Beauty Trend : The Thicker The Better

02 Apr

the dark full eyebrows trend in the classic beauty time

The bold brows trend has been on and off since the classic beauty times

Brooke Shields

I believe I read that somewhere ” Brooke Shields” was the one who brought back the – almost dead – bold brows trend back in the early 1980s when she lured eveyone with her charm!! She is such an icon and there is something about her that makes her a prefection beauty, just a breathtaking. Brooke Shields was so popular on fashion and beauty magazine spreads back in the late 70s and early 80s.

Brooke Shields was one of the most recognized beauty icons back in the 80s

Brooke Shields on magazine covers back in the late 70s and early 80s

And I noticed that “the Bold Eyebrows Trend” has been-on since 2008, right when Brooke Shields returned in a big budget primetime drama called ” Lipstick Jungle ” as a co-star, coincidence?

Lipstick Jungle TV Series (2008 - 2009 )

Brooke Shields in Lipstick Jungle TV Series 2008

They call Lucy Hale -one of Pretty little Liars co-stars – ” the new Brooke Shields ” becasue of her pale skin, dark hair and bold eyebrows.

Lucy Hale is the new Brooke Sheilds

Pretty Little Liars TV Series (2010 - )

Thick eyebrows trend is so on nowadays. it gives you more innocent & a younger look.
celebrities, models on runways and photoshoots are so into the trend, and in my opinion it does look better and more elegant, it’s time to stop tweezing, waxing and threading your eyebrows ladies !!

Thick Eyebrows Trend

Bold Brows Trend

Some of those upcoming celebs are famous for their thick eyebrows and didn’t fall into the thin eyebrows trend when it was on

Lily Collins

Camille Belle

Keira Knightley

Jennifer Connelly

Sarah Hyland

Kim Kardashain

May Ez Aldeen

Wiam Dahmani


Look at how those trendy celebrities worked the thin & bold brows now & then !!
p.s: left : before – right : now

Lucy Hale

Kristen Stewart

Anne Hathaway

Rachel Weisz

Miley Cyrus

Eva Longoria

Jennifer Lopez

Leighton Meester

Megan Fox

Natallie Portman

Mila Kunis

Sienna Miller

Teri Hatcher


Sireen Nasir Alain

Nawal ALZwgbi

Nancy Ajram

Maysa Magribi

Maya Diab

Mariam Fares

Hayfa Hussain

Haleema Boland

Gada Abdulrazaaq

Fey AlSharqawi


Haifa Wahbe


the trend is on the spreads

runway models are rolling the trend

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