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Look Who’s Pregnant : Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is pregnant


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Reese Witherspoon Released A $5 Necklace Celebrating The International Women’s Day So Every Woman Can Have it <3

Reese Witherspoon is wearing her Empowerment Necklace by Avon Foundation

Reese Witherspoon Reveals Avon Empowerment Necklace


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Glamour US And UK March.2012

Amanda Seyfried Glamour US March 2012 " wearing Pierre Balmain top, Hudson jeans, and Candy Ice jewelry'

Reese Witherspoon Glamour UK March.2012


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ELLE Covers for Feb.2012

Reese Whiterspoon for US ELLE

Reese Whiterspoon for US ELLE

Dakota Fannign for UK ELLE

Dakota Fanning for UK ELLE

Daga Ziober for Poland ELLE

ELLE Spain

Simona Andrejic for Serbia ELLE

Emma for Hungary ELLE

ELLE Denemark

Lady Gaga for China ELLE

S&J for ELLE Girl Russia


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Cosmo Covers Feb.2012

Dakota Fanning for Cosmo US

Pixie Lott for Cosmo UK

Reese Witherspoon for Cosmo Germany

Scarlett Johansson for Cosmo Czech

Dakota Fanning for Csmo Indonesia


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Reese Covers Marie Claire Feb.12 Australia

Marie Claire Feb.12 Australia


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Reese Witherspoon For The Swedish Clothing Company ” Lindex “


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