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The Two Traliers Of Snow White Movies ! YES TWO :D

Snow White and The Huntsman

im more excited about the mirror mirror movie ! what about you ? 🙂


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" Jennifer Lopez " Glamour US_December 2011

" Jennifer Lopez " Glamour US_December 2011

" Kristen Stewart " Glamour UK Dec.2011

" Kristen Stewart " Glamour UK Dec.2011

" Kristen Stewart " Glamour France Dec.2011


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Kristen Stewarts and her Photoshoped Pix

Kristen Stewart for Nov.2011 Glamour cover

Kristen’s cover would look just fine if the hand photoshoped part was not that creepy. its such a huge mistake for such a magazine ! nothing is hot about that !!!
this is not the first time Kristen makes an attention when it comes to photoshop. Oh her Vogue pose she was too photoshoped it was hard to even recognize her with the skin tone, the eyebrow shape and thickness and her pointed nose. At least she looked great on Vogue.

Kristen for Vogue


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Glamour Germany Dec.11

Kristen Stewart by Glamour Germany Dec.11

Kristen covers glamour germany issue dec.11 which was originally photoshooted and posted on W magazine sep.11

check out the link below


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Snow White Upcoming Movies

there are 2 upcoming Snow White Movies, Yes two 😀 its like snow white is the new trend !!

1.”now White”Movie 2012
Starring :-
Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen
Lily Collins as Snow White

2. Snow White And The Huntsman 2011
Starring :-
Charlize Theron as the Eviil Queen
Kristen Stewart as Snow White


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Kristen Stewart for W magazine September 2011

Kristen Stewart for W magazine cover Septemper.2011

the Twilight star is posting for W magazine cover. i really loved her look, the makeup , the hair ! she never looked prettier !

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