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The Kardashians Cover Lucky Nov.11

Kourtney Kardashian on Lucky Nov.11

Kim Kardashian on Lucky Nov.11

Khole Kardashian on Lucky nov.11

I thought i’d like Kim’s or Khole’s cover the most as usual but this time for the first time I actually likeD Kourtney’s out of the 3 .


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Kardashian Kollection Exclusively at Sears

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Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Photos

Kim on People magazine cover

Kim’s Fairytale Wedding
Date : 20.Aug.2011
The Gown : Vera Wang
Heels : Giuseppe Zanotti
Engagment Ring :Lorraine Schwartz
Jewelry : Lorraine Schwartz , costs arround 10 million dollars
Wedding Planner : Sharon Sacks
wedding thewme : black & white
wedding cake : Hansen's Cakes : chocolate and vanilla
the groom tuxedo : Zenga


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Kim Kardashian is Trying on Her Mum’s Wedding Gowns

trying on her mom's wedding dresses

the second dress is from her second marriage in the 90s

Kim is trying her mother’s wedding gowns , that was way before her engagment, she have not met her beau at the time.
Kim says of her mother’s 1978 wedding dress.“It was a perfect fit! I did look like Little Bo Peep, but it was pretty special.”
Kardashian also tried on the strapless wedding dress her mom wore when she married Bruce Jenner in 1991 calling it, “sooo 90′s.”
“Her dresses were very special” Kardashian says, adding that her mom waited 30 years for her daughters to try them on.

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Kim Kardashian’s Wax Figure !

Kim's wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s

what Kim said about her wax figure at Madame Tussaud :
Ummmm not quite what I would wear, but ok! LOL

I honestly had no idea that they were doing this at Madame Tussaud’s until I saw it on Twitter!

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Kim’s Pre-Wedding Prepations

1. The Gown : ITS BY ” VERA WANG “. When Kim was at Vera wang shop to discussher dream wedding gown the shop was closed and the curtains went down.

what kim said about the gown and vera wang :
I am so excited to reveal that Vera Wang is my wedding dress designer. Vera has been a close family friend for a long time and we had talked about this moment for years, so when it came to picking my wedding dress designer she was the first person I thought of. No one designs gowns the way she does!

I know that Vera can make my dream come true and create the most perfect gown for my special day.

– AND what she said when she went for a last minute dress fitting in NewYork :
I took the red-eye to NYC last week, landed at eight in the morning and literally ran to Vera Wang for a dress fitting! A couple of hours later it was back to LA for the WMB Magazine launch! Wow!!

Vera tweeted at me the next day saying: SO glad we made that important decision yesterday. The clock is ticking!! Who said couture was easy??

It’s been an AMAZING process and experience and I want to thank Vera for everything. Four days to go!!

2.The Cake : was by Hansen
what she said about the Cake : My mom, Rob and Khloe all came with me and Kris to Hansen’s to help pick out a wedding cake. They had the most gorgeous creations and yummy flavors!

How often does a girl have an excuse to taste an amazing selection of delicious cakes!? LOL

I’ll be working out extra hard this week!!!

3. the Invitation :
it says that The wedding, which was on Saturday, August 20, is strictly black tie.
The ceremony was in Montecito, California — near Oprah’s mansion.

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Kim Kardashian’s Bachelorette Party in Vegas

kim bachelorette party

Kim at her Bachelorette Party in Vegas

Kim Kardashian bachelorette party was in Vegas last July . she wanted a small private celebration but thanks to her sister Khole who consisted to have a huge party in vegas as the traditions and promised to embarres her sister in everyway lol.

kim and her bachelorette cake
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